“What is this magical place?”

Find an Expert. Become an Expert.

**Please note, this website is in LIVE beta, meaning everybody can view/search, but only our team and hand selected contributors can actively use the website until early 2018. At that point, all users can join the fun!**

Our website stands out from others for a few reasons…not only can you search and discover new products and READ reviews…  you can get in on the action!

WRITE Product Reviews.

Write Stories (similar to blog articles).  

Earn Credibility Scores (this is similar to a reputation).

Collect fancy Badges while showcasing your experience and expertise.

Become an official MVP (Most Valuable Parent) and have the change to work directly with brands! 

*Our MVPs land on our exclusive Parental Guidance Brand Ambassador Connection website, where brands find you and you get amazing brand partnerships and more!  https://www.pgbaconnection.com/


"When is this website launching for public engagement and use?" 
We are on track to launch to the public early 2018. Until then, you can search our website for awesome content, that is organic to our website, thanks to our hand-picked contributors. 

"Okay. After public launch next year, will anybody be able to post reviews, earn badges, and credibility scores?"
Yes! It will function similar to other crowd sourced websites and social platforms. You will be eligible for badges and our MVPs are chosen on a quarterly basis. 

"What are some things that will be changing when the site launches in early 2018?"
We are working hard on a better algorithm, search engine, and much more... including an app! 

"What are the official hashtags for Guidance Guide and Parental Guidance?"

#guidanceguide #parentalguidance #officialPGambassador #findanexpert #becomeanexpert #realreviewsforrealparents #mystuffmystory 

"What if I don't have enough product to earn/review?"
We suggest you purchase it/ borrow from a friend, but make sure you are using it for an extended period, so your review is relevant. 

"Can Contributors contact brands?" 
We proudly support our MVPs connecting with brands for product reviews and partnerships, although we are not affiliated with this process. 

"I want to review a product, but it technically fits into multiple categories. Where should I put it?"
We recommend you place the review in the category in which YOU use the product. We have designed the categories/sub categories to help with this, but there is no wrong answer. Don't over think it...  there will likely be a lot of overlap on this site and that is OKAY! 

"I am getting a ton of notifications that I don't want. Where do I find the notification settings?"
Notifications can be found under "settings" on your profile page. 

"What browser is preferred for the best website functionality?"
We recommend Chrome on desktop and mobile.. until our App is completed next year!

"I am having trouble receiving emails from Guidance Guide."
Double check your notification settings. Also, try checking your spam folders and if you are a Gmail user, check your "all mail" too!