About our Founders...

"As parents, we have always valued real, honest, and quality reviews... and that is a tough thing to find these days. We wanted to create a place for parents to organically review their favorite (and not so favorite) products, while also showcasing their expertise and passion for all things parenthood." 

Jennifer & Greg 


"I’m the first to admit that I love a gorgeous social photo. I practically drool over that white marble background with the perfect coffee mug, gold pen, and never been used leather journal with freshly cut peonies. I do. But when I see that same photo with a new mom, holding her baby clothed straight from a boutique… I get the opposite feeling. It makes me feel kind of bad about my mothering experience and that should not be our goal when marketing to parents.


I spent several years working with amazing juvenile product brands alongside my brother and PG Expert, Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC, testing and reviewing products with my own four children through Jamie’s social media platform, as well as our curated BabyGuyBox. That experience was incredibly rewarding and developed a strong passion within me for the baby space AND the parents it impacts, and most importantly for the community of support we all need as parents. There had to be a way to bring parents together, in a place where they could share their authentic experiences and collectively grow. This is where my vision began to take seed.


When I met my partner and co-founder in 2015, we combined our visions together, and have been creating a place that would encourage self-driven, passionate parents to showcase their favorite products by rewarding contributors through peer accountability and notoriety. There never has been and never will be a day that parents choose products, because of placement on an obviously staged, white-washed, and disconnected influencer's social photo. This is not the fashion industry. Parenthood is not simply pretty. It’s BEAUTIFUL."

Jennifer Buske
Co-Founder & Visionary, Guidance Guide/Parental Guidance 

Greg Cook is the Co-Founder and CTO of Guidance Guide and his vision for a website supporting, "geeking out on your stuff", goes all the way back to his dorm room. Greg is a self-identified tech nerd, but also connects with the parenting space on a more personal level. At only 26 weeks gestation, his fraternal twins were born and the following years were filled with medical trauma and isolation. Greg's hope is that other desperate parents will use this community to reach experts, parents, and navigate the much needed resources/products not otherwise easily accessible. 

"If only there would have been a place to learn about all of the products for kids with a feeding tube and trach. Of course you know about the medical stuff, but who knew about superhero tubie patches and strollers designed to haul all of that medical equipment! It would have been life changing." 

Greg Cook
Co-Founder & CTO, Guidance Guide/Parental Guidance