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How to become a contributor for Parental Guidance

Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you feel like you have a unique journey to share? We are looking for content creators that can offer their experience in all things parenting. From Cloth Diapering to Potty Training advice… parents need all of the help they can get. Showcase your experience and engage in the Topics you care about most. Be the resource that you never had. Post your Reviews, share your Struggles, help others by providing your Theories, or wrap it all together into a Guide, and you’ll be earning badges and points in no time!

How to earn Contribution Points & Badges

You can earn Contribution Points that are showcased through Badges, by engaging in various Topics on the site: Writing Reviews, Posting Struggles, Sharing Theories, and Creating Guides. The more you engage in those Topics, the faster you earn points in those specific areas! Focus on just one Topic, or many. It’s up to you! Badges are automatically awarded, so you can contribute at your own pace!

Want to become an Expert?

Experts are application based only. They have one or more of the following: Relevant certifications, published best selling books, industry speaking events, Social Media notoriety, or any other appropriate credtials in the appropriate topic. Email us at to apply.

Want to become an MVP?

Our MVP program is based on overall excellence! We choose our top notch, most engaged and community-driven parents to join our MVP program on a quarterly basis. There is no badge or contribution point threshold required to be selected as an MVP, but your name should be one that other parents know they can come to for quality advice and authentic reviews.

What is a Guidance Guide?

Everybody loves a Guide and it seems like they are everywhere… but who wants to download a PDF to their phone these days? Our Guides offer easy-to-use software that allows you to pull in your favorite content, product reviews, videos, and photos directly from your phone. You can easily share your Guides to your social media with the click of a button.

Best part- no downloading and the mobile experience is top notch. #feelslikeanapp

Go ahead, create a Guide and leave us your feedback at We are always looking for ways to make your experience better.


Can anybody post reviews, earn badges and gain contribution points?


Yes! Anyone can join the site. Once you’re an active member, you can start engaging across the site. Your points will start accumulating with every action you take!

What are the official hashtags for Guidance Guide and Parental Guidance?


We love seeing your posts on your social media channels! Tag us in your reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @GuidanceGuide, and use the hashtag #guidanceguide

What if I don't have enough product to write a review and try to earn a badge?


Our site is created by real parents, just like you! Anything and everything you use on a daily basis has a place here - from your coffee maker to your toothbrushes. And, it’s not all about the badges. Scroll around, and create a Guide of your Holiday wish list, post a Struggle you have, or help others by answering with your Theories. Guidance Guide has something for everyone.

Can Contributors contact brands?


Like other social media sites, we are not affiliated with the process of trading products for reviews or anything associated with this. Please see our Terms & Conditions for a bunch of legal words that will support us, if somebody gets angry over a diaper bag.

Can I filter the site so I am only seeing certain topics or contributors?


Of course you can! This site is designed to be exactly what YOU want it to be. On any page, click the floating +. You’ll have options to create Reviews, Struggles, Guides, or filter your content by Topic or Influencer. On Parental Guidance, you are always in charge of your own experience.

I want to review a product, but it technically fits into multiple topics. Where should I put it?


Where would you look for it first? What do you use it most often for? Put it there! Chances are, other parents would look for it in the same space. If you really do use it for two totally different purposes, you can review it separately in both categories, but make sure you’re really reviewing it for each purpose, and not just copying and pasting the review.

I am getting a ton of notifications that I don't want. Where do I find the notification settings?


Head to your profile, and click edit profile on the right side of your teal banner. Desktop: click notifications, and deselect everything that you’re not desperate to know about the second it happens. Mobile: click the three lines, and then notifications, and deselect what you don’t want emails for.

What browser is preferred for the best website functionality?


For the optimal experience we recommend the use of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Don't worry Microsoft lovers... we haven't forgotten about you either. (Just takes a bit longer)

I am having trouble receiving emails from Guidance Guide.


Make sure you’ve added to your address book!